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MTO History

MTO & Co. AG was founded on June 16, 1995 by Rudolf Meli. The trading company for roller and plain bearings as well as for seals supplies industrial companies and SMEs in all sectors throughout Switzerland and Europe. In addition to the more traditional applications for general mechanical engineering, MTO + CO. AG successfully positioned in high-tech companies. For a successful business development, MTO & CO. AG continuously expands the broad product range and its own product development. Compliance with the required standards and optimal advisory services are top priorities for the company.


Important milestones

1995     Foundation of MTO & Co. AG in Bad Ragaz SG
2002    Registration of the own brand MTO and start of development and production of special roller bearings
2011      Move to new location and new building in Vilters SG
2012     Founding of the MTO Shanghai office to audit the manufacturing plants of our own brand CUBE
2018     Establishment of the MTO Union GmbH branch in Feldkirch, Austria


MTO Team

Ruedi Meli
Donato Caccavo
Verkaufsleiter | Head of Sales
Daut Redzepi
Verkauf / Technischer Berater
Fidan Nuhiji
Verkauf / Technischer Berater
Valerie Kuchelmeister
Verkauf / Technische Beraterin
Sara Kühne
Auszubildende Kauffrau
Mirvete Tosuni
Auszubildende Kauffrau
Arlinda Neziri
Verkauf / Offertwesen
Nedim Maljisi
Verkauf / Offertwesen
Esther Ackermann
Marcel Füglistaler
Leiter Aussendienst
Rachid Ahmed
Aussendienst Romandie
Dipl. Ing. Herbert Schaschowitz
Leiter Technik & QS
Amil Elezi
Leiter Marketing
Aline Moser
Elsi Leu
Simone Schnider
Karin Bärtsch
Administration / Fakturierung
Ruth Ledermann
Administration / Fakturierung
Bernhard Willi
Leiter Logistik
Alen Jonuzi
QS / Logistiker
Noah Gadient
Ryan Wachter
Semin Durmisi
Auszubildender Logistiker